Being an Accredited Professional Photographer in the AIPP allows me to enter the state awards process.
Prints are selected, processed, mounted to a set criteria, and then sent in to be judged by your peers, A panel of 5, who asses the professional quality of the image presented to them and each then give you a score out of 100. This score is then averaged out to give you a total score for your image, this score determines whether you actually receive an award for your image.
There are 2 types of award to be able to receive Gold and Silver, these then have an added Distinction for the higher scores –
Gold:- 90-94 with Distinction:- 95-100
Silver:- 80-84 with Distinction:- 85-89
Images that score in the 70-79 range are considered to be of a high professional standard, but just not quite good enough to receive an Award.

This year I took the jump and decided to enter 4 images, in the sports category. Having left everything until the last minute meant selection and processing of the images was a bit rushed and I could probably have chosen a few better images to submit. Having now had a few days to sit back and ponder my results, I think I did OK,
Three of my images scored in the high profession standard range scoring 77, 79 and 79 respectively and although I was quite bummed on Sunday afternoon as the judging was happening reflection has me looking on the results differently.
My fourth image and as it worked out, the last of my images to be judged did a little better and finished in the Silver with Distinction range on a score of 85, to say I was excited at the time is an understatement.

Once judging in a category is complete, the three photographers with the highest combines image scores of 320 or more are then able to be assessed as the category winner, to my absolute amazement and with some disbelief, two of my friends at the presentation dinner sent me messages saying that I was in the running for Sports Photographer of the Year. I was flabbergasted. I didn’t win, I did come runner up to a very talented and deserving photographer in Matt Palmer, congratulations Matt.

That is my journey, my first foray into the Professional Photography Awards,
Thanks must go to the major sponsor, Epson, without their support this wouldn’t happen

On a personal note, there are a few people that have supported and pushed me into this
Steve Lovegrove – a very talented photographer from Tasmania, who this year won Tasmanian Travel Photographer of the Year. Steve gave me the final shove by encouraging me to enter the sports section and gave me some amazing advice about processing and presenting the images.
Burnie Clifford – Gold Town Framing – here in Gympie for the mounting and matting at such short notice
Rebecca and Alsion for the updates as judging was happening
Colleen and Rana who blew me away when they told me I was a finalist
Bambi Gosbell, Photography By Bambi – and her Facebook Page
Bambi, helped me select an appropriate paper and produced the awesome prints for me.

But more than that, since relocating to Gympie Bambi has offered me such amazing support and encouragement, and I thank you so much for that, it really means a lot to me

Christy and Emma, working hard into the first drum
Christy and Emma, working hard into the first drum
Ariana Rounding the first drum
Ariana Rounding the first drum


Fraser Babbington
Fraser Babbington

2 thoughts on “My First Awards Entry

  1. Congratulations Mark you have done very well on your first entry we are proud of you and always knew you had a flair for photography

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